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PT. Dorareta Indo Makmur Dim Refractory (Banten, Indonesia)

We are a company engaged in the industry that provides the product's fire brick fire cement and refractory quality and services of the best qualified and able to provide a fast response dynamically. We have earned the trust of the government and private companies. Of course, our company continues to open and co-developed themselves on a constant change in the industrial market Indonesia.
Our company located in Tangerang - Banten, Indonesia. Our products have been widely used in various industries such as Oil and Gas Industry, Iron and Steel Smelting Industry, Chemical Industry, Industrial processing of aluminum, Industrial Power Plant, Krematori, Plastics Industry Consolidation, etc.
Projects undertaken include projects - small to large-scale projects with expert installation with decades of experience in the field of refractory, of course, be in addition to our commitment in providing services refractory needs in Indonesia.


Menjadi perusahaan bidang refractory terbaik dan terpercaya di Indonesia


Berkomitmen memberikan solusi kebutuhan refractory secara total dan dengan terus mengembangkan diri terbuka akan masukan refractory untuk menangkap lebih banyak pangsa pasar dan mempertahankan pelayanan dan relasi terbaik


PT. Dorareta Indo Makmur Dim Refractory adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang Refractory. Produk-produk yang kami jual adalah:
1. Bata Api
2. Semen Api (Air Setting Mortar dan Fire Mortar)
3. Semen Castable
4. Material Penahan Panas (Plastic Ramming, Ceramic Fibre Board, Ceramic Fibre Bulk, Ceramic Fibre Paper)



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